How to use Audit | Complete Guide

Hello guys,

Are you tired of reinventing the wheel when it comes to On-Page SEO? Well, guess what? You don't have to!
Join Dave in this exciting YouTube video as he unveils the secret to On- Page SEO. Why start from scratch when you can reverse engineer your way to the top?

Imagine having the map to SEO success right at your fingertips!
No more guesswork, no more uncertainty. It's time to take data insights and turn them into powerful strategies that work.

In this video, Dave introduces you to Strell's Audit, your new best friend in the world of SEO. Learn how to improve your existing content and skyrocket your rankings in search engines.
How to use Audit | Complete Guide

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Brand New Content Editor's Outline Functionality ⚡️

Hey Everyone,

We have some amazing news to share with you today. We have just launched a new feature Strell’s Content Editor: Outline Functionality!

This feature will help you create awesome content faster and easier than ever before.

With the outline functionality, you can:
  • Research and Analyze: You can see the outlines of your competitors’ content, and learn what topics and subtopics they are covering. This will give you a clear idea of what you need to include in your content, and how to structure it.
  • Create and Customize: You can also create your own outline, and add your own topics and subtopics (H2s and H3s) to your content. This will allow you to craft your content according to your needs and preferences.
 Try this brand new outline feature and get ahead of your competition. 🥳
New Improved
4 months ago

Content Editor: Highlight Terms, Audit: Keyword filters

Hello everyone, 

We’re happy to announce some exciting new features that we’ve added to Strell to enhance your experience:
  1. Highlight Terms: We’ve introduced a feature that allows you to highlight terms used in your content directly from the sidebar.
    The highlighting is based on the frequency of use for particular terms, providing you with an idea of usage while writing your content.
    As long as you stay within the suggested range for the keyword, it will be highlighted in green. If you exceed that range, the term will be highlighted in red.
  2. Audit Filter: We’ve added a new filter in the audit section to help you make the most of your audits. Now, you can filter the main content keywords according to the action required for each keyword.
  3. Optimized creation speed for audit/ content editor.
New Improved
5 months ago

Big News Alert: Say Hello to Audit 2.0 🌟

The wait is finally over – introducing Audit 2.0! 🎉

Following the fantastic launch of Content Editor 2.0, we're taking the next step on our journey with the introduction of an updated audit UI + Content Score Improvements 🚀


We've just rolled out a sleek new user interface for our Audit tool, and it follows the same design style as our Content Editor.

This means you can now do even more with your audits! You have the power to add and delete tags to better organize your work. 


We've heard your feedback loud and clear! Many of you found our content scoring a bit tough to crack.
Well, we've been hard at work and made some significant improvements.
Now, it's not only performing better but also it's easier to achieve those high scores.
Give it a try and see for yourself!  
New Improved
5 months ago

Revamped Dashboard User Interface

Hey everyone! We've got some awesome updates to share with you all! 


We're happy to announce that we've given our entire dashboard a fresh look! Our Settings and Team pages now have a brand-new, intuitive UI.
We used to have bits and pieces in different languages, but now the whole app is in one language: Angular!
This change will make it faster and easier for us to bring you more updates and improvements.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates! 

Dashboard.jpg 85.58 KB

🚀 Big Update: Official Launch of Strell's new Content Editor 2.0 🚀

Today, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce the official launch of Strell's brand-new Content Editor 2.0! 
Our team has been hard at work to bring you this cutting-edge update, and we're committed to delivering the best possible content creation experience for you.
Here's a glimpse of the fantastic enhancements you can expect from Strell's Content Editor 2.0:
 Improved UI/UX Functionality: We've revamped the user interface to make your content creation process smoother and more enjoyable.
 New Tag System: Easily categorize your reports using our new tagging system right from the dashboard. You can also sort your reports by tags for better organization.
 Delete Report Functionality: Say goodbye to clutter! Now, you can delete reports directly from the dashboard to keep your workspace clean and organized.
 Feature-Rich Text Editor: We've introduced a feature-rich text editor that will make crafting NLP-optimized content a breeze for you and your writers.
 Improved Algorithm for Content Score: Our enhanced content scoring algorithm will provide even more accurate assessments of your content's quality, with further optimizations on the horizon. 
 New Term Settings: Take control of your keywords by adding your own. You can even specify whether you want them included in the title, H1, H2, or main content.
 New Structure Settings: Customize your content's structure with ease. Define word counts, heading usage, and image placement to align perfectly with your vision.
 Import from URL: Need to optimize existing content? You can now import it directly from a URL, making it easier to enhance your current content assets.
 Add Notes: Communicate your exact guidelines to your writers by adding notes directly to the editor.
We're also excited to share that a major development update for Strell's new audit is just around the corner. Our audit feature is fully developed and in its final testing phase. 

LCKR Update: Introducing List Functionality

We’re excited to announce a new utility improvement update for LCKR: the addition of list functionality! Now, you can easily group keywords from multiple keyword reports into one place.
Here’s how to use the list functionality:
  1. Select keywords from the report and click on the list option.
  2. From here, you can add new lists or simply add keywords to existing lists.
  3. Access and add new lists from the dashboard, where you can see the number of keywords in each list, along with the number of analyzed keywords.
The list functionality will help you organize your keywords from multiple reports. Lists can also import all of the data for each keyword, including SERP analysis, volume, CPC, PAA, related searches, and competition.
Lists are an easy way to sort out low-competition keywords from multiple reports in one place, so you can analyze, export, and share a single report instead of multiple reports.
Give it a try and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for being part of our amazing Strell community!

Include and Exclude! at Strell's LCKR feature🚀

We've got some great news to share that's going to take your low-competition keyword research to the next level.

Introducing the powerful Include and Exclude filters! 🎊

Include Filter: Are you ready to fine-tune your keyword hunt? Simply add your desired terms, and watch the magic happen.  When you select your added terms, voilà! The filter will work its magic, showing you only the keywords that contain those awesome included terms.

Exclude Filter:  Tired of those pesky keywords that just don't fit the bill? The Exclude filter is here to save the day!  Add your undesired terms, and watch the unwanted keywords disappear. 

Export Clusters

You can now export the keyword clusters that you create with LCKR.

These clusters are based on the actual SERPs from Google, not just word similarity.  This means you can group your keywords according to the search intent and the competition level.

361574780_6393457814056322_1471305994033326470_n.jpg 85.39 KB

Exporting the keyword clusters will help you to adopt a perfect strategy for your SEO campaigns. You can use them to create relevant and optimized content, target the right audience, and rank higher on Google.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and find it useful for your keyword research. As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Please let us know what you think of this update and how we can improve LCKR for you.

Integration with Google Ads API for Keyword Volume Extraction

We're absolutely stoked to share some incredible news with all of you!
We've made a significant improvement by directly fetching volume and CPC data from the highly trusted Google Ads API.
With this upgrade, you can rest assured that the data source is as reliable as it gets!

No more uncertainties or doubts—our seamless integration with Google Ads API ensures that you have access to accurate and up-to-date information for your keyword research and strategy according to your preferred location.
We can't wait to see the incredible results you'll achieve with this powerful update.

Improved Export for LCKR Report: Bulk and Manual Selection

We're thrilled to be back with some game-changing functionality that's about to elevate your experience with our low-competition keyword report. 

Well, get ready to export full reports with essential SEO metrics, including the Moz DA and SEMrush metrics, combined with comprehensive SERP analysis, CPC, and volume data. 

This means you'll have a goldmine of information at your fingertips to make better-informed decisions for your SEO strategies.

But that's not all! We wanted to make it super easy for you to harness this power. So, we've introduced TWO ways to use this functionality:

  1. First up, you can now directly use the export option without the hassle of selecting specific keywords. One-click and you'll have the complete report at your disposal.
  2. We know you might want to focus on particular keywords, so we've got you covered. You can handpick the keywords you want to export. And you have two convenient options for selection:
    • Choose keywords from the current page.
    • Select keywords from all pages.

Strell's SERP Clustering Feature

Clustering Feature Is Live on The LCKR Tool

Keyword clustering is the process of grouping together similar keywords that share the same topic. It involves creating "keyword clusters," which are groups of keywords that can be targeted together on a single page.

Benefits of using SERP Clustering:

  1. Optimize for Multiple Keywords: With this feature, you can create content that targets many low-volume, low-difficulty keywords. It's easier and more rewarding to rank for a cluster of keywords rather than focusing on a single high-volume keyword.
  2. Simplify Content Production: SERP Clustering takes the guesswork out of this process. It analyzes live search results and groups keywords based on what's already ranking
  3. Improved Clustering Accuracy: At Strell, we understand that every niche is unique. That's why we provide maximum flexibility with our keyword clustering settings. You can adjust the URL overlap. You're able to adjust the URL overlap (default is 30%).

Our goal is to offer accurate and customized clustering solutions.

It's important to note that our SERP Clustering feature is designed to operate within Google's world. We analyze actual Google search results to group keywords effectively.

Strell's LCKR Clustering Feature.mp4 316.75 KB

LCKR Report UI/UX Update

We have introduced a small but fresh and intuitive UI/UX update!

Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect from this latest update:
  1. Enhanced Navigation for analyzing the keywords: We have revamped the navigation system to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. Now you can analyze the keywords without any scrolling. We’ve made analyze keywords window floating so that you can access it anywhere on the page.
  2. Sleek Design: Our team has crafted a sleek and modern look for the app, ensuring a visually appealing experience while maintaining optimal functionality. Now, regardless of screen size, you can use LCKR to its fullest capacity.

New Setting Options for LCKR Keyword Report

We are thrilled to let you know that we've added settings for the keyword report so that you can narrow down your hunt for low-competition keywords 

Introducing the three most demanded settings options for LCKR:
  1. Max DA - Now you can select Max DA for the low-competition domains for the analyzed keywords. So that you can find out truly low-competition keywords.
  2. Custom Weak Spots - You know your competition better than anyone else. Introducing the custom weak spots for you. Now you can add your custom weak spots and we’ll highlight those domains for you with the purple color in the SERP analysis column.
  3. My Sites - Now you can add your own site so that you know what keywords you are already ranking for. We’ll highlight your site with blue color in the SERP analysis column.
    New Setting.jpg 60.26 KB

Superfast LCKR Keyword Report Generation

We've supercharged our Keyword Report Generation Speed, now generating reports in under 1 minute , that's twice as fast as before! 

BIG Update: Integration with MOZ and SEMrush Data

We have integrated two powerful tools metrics, MOZ and SEMrush, to help you identify Low Authority websites with ease.

This new feature will revolutionize the way you analyze websites and make informed decisions. Let's dive into the exciting details:

For every Low Authority site, you will now have access to the following metrics:

  1. Domain Authority (DA): Get a comprehensive understanding of a website's authority level.
  2.  SEMrush Organic Keywords: Number of keywords that are driving traffic to a particular site.
  3.  SEMrush Traffic for the Month: Gain insights into the monthly traffic a website receives.
  4.  SEMrush Domain Links: Explore the number of links pointing to a domain.

With these valuable metrics at your fingertips, you'll be equipped to identify weak spots and uncover websites that are gaining significant traffic despite their low authority.

Improved: Now, when you create a new keyword report, you'll find the keyword volume included. This addition, combined with the new update, makes it easier than ever to discover low-competition keywords.

MOZ SEMRush Data.jpg 226.58 KB

Data 2.jpg 253.91 KB

Export Functionality for Audit and Content Editor

We've added the "Export" functionality to the Audit/Content Editor.

It exports everything with all the metrics.

LCKR Report Includes Keyword Volume and CPC Data

Now, when you create a report, you will not only receive comprehensive keyword data but also invaluable insights into keyword volume and CPC (Cost Per Click) information. 
That means you don't need to analyze keywords to see their volume. Volume data will be provided when you create report itself.

With this enhancement, selecting the perfect keywords for your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis has never been easier!  

Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to data-driven decisions!  
New Improved
9 months ago

LCKR Tool: Latest Features and Enhancements

  1. Introducing the Tag System: Now, you can add tags to your keyword reports and easily sort them based on your tags. This new feature will help you stay organized and find your reports with ease.
  2. Enhanced Topic Search: We've implemented a search functionality in the Topics tab. You can now quickly find specific topics within your reports, making it more convenient to locate the information you need. 
  3. Sorting Options: We've added multiple sorting options to give you more flexibility. You can now sort your reports by Tag, Date Created, Country, and Language. Tailor your view according to your preferences and streamline your analysis. 
  4. View by Tags: In addition to sorting, you can now also view your reports based on tags. This feature allows you to focus on specific tags and access the information relevant to your needs more efficiently.
  5. Introducing the new Filter- Sort by SERP Score: We've listened to your feedback and added a powerful filter. Now, you can sort your keywords by SERP Score, enabling you to identify and prioritize keywords that are easier to rank based on their score. 
  6. Page Navigation: We've made a small but handy update! With the new "Go to any page" tab, you can swiftly navigate to any desired page within the report, saving you time and effort.
We hope you find these additions helpful in your keyword research journey.

Performance Improvement: SERP Analysis

I'm thrilled to announce a major performance improvement for SERP Analysis!
We've made architectural enhancements, resulting in a whopping 5X speed improvement!
Gone are the days of waiting around for 15-20 minutes to complete SERP Analysis for 1000 keywords. 

Now, you can get it done in just 3-4 minutes!

LCKR Tool: Supports 60+ Languages and 195+ Locations

LCKR now Supports 60+ Languages and 195+ Locations.
Here are the all languages we support now:

LCKR Feature: SERP Score

 New feature to LCKR 
SERP Score: We have introduced a new parameter inside the keyword report called SERP Score. 

SERP Score tells you how many weak spots are available for a keyword. 
The higher the SERP Score better it is. 

You can now sort by SERP Score and figure out very easy-to-rank keywords first.
SERP Score.jpg 140.07 KB

Bulk Keyword Analyse for Different Intent

Now you can click on the dropdown menu of "Analyze SERP" button. And choose one of the filters like 
1. High Intent Keywords
2. Post Purchase Keywords
3. Pre Purchase Keywords
4. Comparison Keywords

Else Select the whole report to analyse using the 5th option.

It also shows how many SERP Credits will be consumed. Once you click on Proceed. It will start analyzing.

You'll get a handful of keywords to target, Related PAA, Related Searches, and Low DA websites in the competition tab in just 5 minutes.

I think that increases your productivity.

Give it a try.

349056849_2103514343187325_8432571024503372629_n-2.jpg 190.97 KB

Lagging Issue in LCKWR Is Solved

Previously, our low competition tool is working with some UI deformities. But our UI team has fixed the issue and now tool works smooth.

We have improved the lagging issue into the pagination. Now user can scroll through pages seemingly.

Low Domain Authority Tag Is Added Into Competition Tab

In Competition tab, we include list of domains that are ranking for the keyword and you can compete with low authority websites.

We have added "Low Domain Authority" tag to easily identify the domains you can compete with.
Happy keyword hunting with LCKWR.

Competition_tab.png 43.52 KB

Weak Spot Filters

For the keyword report, a new weak spot filter has been included. In this filter, you can choose the condition that is best for you. This filter can be implemented after running keyword analysis for certain keywords.

More Terms for Related Searches

The performance of related searches has now been improved and stabilized. For each keyword, there are 6-8 related searches. Previously, we could only receive 2-4 related searches. Also now you can search related terms for any particular keyword in the search bar.

image.png 106.24 KB

New Search Bar for PAA Tab

Now you can search PAA for a particular keyword. Make sure you’ve run SERP Extract for that particular keyword so that we can cook PAA for you.

image.png 96.94 KB

More Modifiers

Cheer! Now you can get 150% more keywords than before. Previously, modifiers had some restrictions. As a result, we've overcome these constraints to provide you with a more complete and precise keyword report.

Hidden Tab

The new tab is added in the keyword report. Now you can hide unwanted keywords so that you can perform SERP extract for desired keywords.

Dark Theme

Both the keyword report and the dashboard now have a new dark theme. From the right side corner, you may switch between light and dark themes.

image.png 264 KB

Advanced Options

Following advanced options are added to the dashboard so that the reports you produce will be comprehensive and detailed.

  1. Country search volumes  - It helps to identify the traffic potential of that keyword.
  2. Extract PAA queries - Helps in topical authority
  3. Extract Related queries - It provides a list of related keywords or search phrases related to that particular keyword.

All of these advanced options are turned on by default for everyone.

image.png 122.08 KB

New Improved
12 months ago

Wildcard Modifier Introduced

If you want specific terms in your keyword report, you can use Wildcard modifier (*).

Let's consider an example of Wildcard Modifier: 

Seed Keyword: ‘how to * wordpress’
Now we’ll cook all the keywords for: ‘how to (something)  Wordpress

Export Functionality

Export Functionality is added. Now you can directly export keyword reports along with keyword analysis in CSV format. In export functionality, either you can export the selected keywords only or you can export a full keyword report along with tabs like, suggestions, competition, questions, PAA, and related searches.

Additional Information for Keyword Report

You can now view the seed keyword and the number of keywords used in the keyword report.

Volume & CPC Filters

Now you can filter the keyword report according to ranges based on ‘Volumes, CPC’.
So that you can target the keywords having desired range.

Sorting Options

Now you can sort the keyword report according to Vol., SERP Analysis, and CPC.
This will definitely help you find high-potential keywords.

Intent Filter

Now you can filter out the keyword report according to the intent.
Following filters are added:

  1. High-intent:  Shows all the keywords having ‘Best, Top, Free’ keywords
  2. Pre-Purchase: Shows all the keywords having ‘Discounts, Purchase, Review’ keywords
  3. Post-Purchase: Shows all the keywords having ‘Problem, Warranty, Broken’ keywords.

  4. Comparison: Shows all the keywords having ‘Vs, Comparison, Alternatives’ keywords.

Topic Cluster

Now you can filter keyword reports more precisely. The topic cluster option lets you only look at keywords related to the topic you're interested in. We used our own algorithm to find out more topics for you. Also, you can choose more than one topic at a time, so you have access to the keywords you're looking for.

image.png 254.34 KB

Search Bar on Dashboard

The new Search bar is added to the dashboard. Now you can search previously done keyword reports based on the seed keyword.

Include / Exclude Functionality

Include and Exclude Functionality added to the dashboard so that you can remove or include keywords into the keyword report

UI Improvement

Separate credit gauges for keyword reports and SERP analysis have been introduced.

Copy to Clipboard

New functionality has been introduced. You can now copy the required term to the clipboard.

Team Functionality

We are happy to launch our new team feature. Team feature makes team collaboration smooth. User can share credits among team members and team dashboard help to monitor team credit usage.

Fetching terms from top 20 competitors

We are now fetching the main content keywords, NLP terms from Top 20 organic results. Previously fetching from only 10 results.

People Also Ask Section

We have added "People Also Ask" section in audit as well as content editor. You can get the idea what people are searching.

Language Improvement: French, Arabic, Finnish, German

We have refined the terms extraction for languages: French, Arabic, Finnish, German
New Improved
over 1 year ago

Contributors Section in Content Editor

Now you can see who all are working on the content editor article that you opened. 
New Improved
over 1 year ago

Page Score Calculation for Each Competitor

We are calculating page score of each organic competitor. By default, competitors with high page scores are selected. 

Audit and Content Editor Speed improvement

We have improvised the time to create audit or content editor for your keyword. Try it now.
New Improved
over 1 year ago

Top Competitor Title

We fetch titles of the top competitors from SERP. User can easily access them in audit as well as in content editor.

Language Improvement: Swedish, Ukrainian

We have refined the terms extraction for languages: Swedish, Ukrainian

Automatic Save

Content editor can be auto-saved now. No need to save manually.

Language Improvement: Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian

We have refined the terms extraction for languages: Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian
New Improved
over 1 year ago

Share Audit and Content Editor Article

You can share audit and article in content editor . Anyone with the shared link can see it even without having a strell account.
New Improved
over 1 year ago

Concurrent Audit and Content Editor Creation

Now you don't have to wait for audit or content editor creation. 
You can create another one while previous one is being prepared.

Quick Fix Section

We have added quick fix section in audit. This section focuses on changes that user can do in no time.

Language Improvement: Russian, Slovak, Spanish

We have refined the terms extraction for languages: Russian, Slovak, Spanish

Brief section in content editor

We have added brief section in content editor. Now user can see brief according to H1, H2, H3 tags.

Choose Organic Competitors According to Your Content Type

Now you can choose competitors as per your content type like informational blog sites, authority sites.

Language Improvement: Portuguese, Romanian

We have refined the terms extraction for languages: Portuguese, Romanian

Term Sorting with Relevancy

Terms are sorted according to the relevancy factor. Relevancy factor indicated the importance of the keywords.

Suggested Count

Previously we are deciding frequency of main content keywords in audit according to ideal count. We have incorporated suggested count that is calculated according to your content length.

Audit: Soft and Hard Refresh

We have come up with more sorted way to refresh the audit for users. Do check out soft and hard refresh according to specific requirement.
New Improved
over 1 year ago

Support for Mobile Device Search

Now user can create audit or content editor by selecting mobile device. 
User can target it's content accordingly as desktop or mobile device search.