Team Functionality

We are happy to launch our new team feature. Team feature makes team collaboration smooth. User can share credits among team members and team dashboard help to monitor team credit usage.

Fetching terms from top 20 competitors

We are now fetching the main content keywords, NLP terms from Top 20 organic results. Previously fetching from only 10 results.

People Also Ask Section

We have added "People Also Ask" section in audit as well as content editor. You can get the idea what people are searching.

Language Improvement: French, Arabic, Finnish, German

We have refined the terms extraction for languages: French, Arabic, Finnish, German
New Improved
4 months ago

Contributors Section in Content Editor

Now you can see who all are working on the content editor article that you opened. 
New Improved
4 months ago

Page Score Calculation for Each Competitor

We are calculating page score of each organic competitor. By default, competitors with high page scores are selected. 

Audit and Content Editor Speed improvement

We have improvised the time to create audit or content editor for your keyword. Try it now.
New Improved
4 months ago

Top Competitor Title

We fetch titles of the top competitors from SERP. User can easily access them in audit as well as in content editor.

Language Improvement: Swedish, Ukrainian

We have refined the terms extraction for languages: Swedish, Ukrainian

Automatic Save

Content editor can be auto-saved now. No need to save manually.

Language Improvement: Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian

We have refined the terms extraction for languages: Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian
New Improved
4 months ago

Share Audit and Content Editor Article

You can share audit and article in content editor . Anyone with the shared link can see it even without having a strell account.
New Improved
4 months ago

Concurrent Audit and Content Editor Creation

Now you don't have to wait for audit or content editor creation. 
You can create another one while previous one is being prepared.

Quick Fix Section

We have added quick fix section in audit. This section focuses on changes that user can do in no time.

Language Improvement: Russian, Slovak, Spanish

We have refined the terms extraction for languages: Russian, Slovak, Spanish

Brief section in content editor

We have added brief section in content editor. Now user can see brief according to H1, H2, H3 tags.

Choose Organic Competitors According to Your Content Type

Now you can choose competitors as per your content type like informational blog sites, authority sites.

Language Improvement: Portuguese, Romanian

We have refined the terms extraction for languages: Portuguese, Romanian

Term Sorting with Relevancy

Terms are sorted according to the relevancy factor. Relevancy factor indicated the importance of the keywords.

Suggested Count

Previously we are deciding frequency of main content keywords in audit according to ideal count. We have incorporated suggested count that is calculated according to your content length.

Audit: Soft and Hard Refresh

We have come up with more sorted way to refresh the audit for users. Do check out soft and hard refresh according to specific requirement.
New Improved
5 months ago

Support for Mobile Device Search

Now user can create audit or content editor by selecting mobile device. 
User can target it's content accordingly as desktop or mobile device search.